How to set preferences using command line?

When I create a new site, I need to set all preference… like: language, Geo etc…

Can I set these using command line? without user interaction?


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No reason that you can’t use the “HERE doc” method, like this…

cat <<EOF > /path/to/file/to/createOrEdit

> /file … would overwrite the file
>> /file …would append to the end of the file

and/or string manipulation via perl or sed

sed -i “s/#commentedParameter=OldDefaultValue/commentedParameter=newValue/g” /path/to/config.file

If there are items with slashes in them, something like this often works better… eg.

perl -pi -e ‘s|SELINUX=enforcing|SELINUX=disabled|’ /etc/selinux/config ;

I believe I misunderstood… I need to set Frappe default preferences automatically… maybe using command line, when I create a site using

$ bench new-site mysite [parameters here]