How to set read-only specific child tables row?

Hello, I need to set read-only specific row in child table.
In the figure below, I can make the fields in the whole table read-only. But i must set read-only specific fields in rows

cur_frm.fields_dict.xxxx_table.grid.fields_map.xxxx.read_only = true;

Thanks for helps.

There is no easy way that i know, maybe you can try playing around with jquery and changing some css of the particular field that you need.

@laughin, it is possible only if you have some differentiating factor/field to do so.

var data = frm.doc.child_name;
					if (e.child_field == "factor"){

in the same way you can set the row read_only.

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Many thanks.

Hi, I want to implement this code of yours to my code. Could you elaborate this? Where will I put this code in js?