How to set route to new Virtual Doc Form!

Hi every one,

I’m new in Frappe framework :blush:

Please help …

I need to have one set route to directly go to Virtual Doc Form , Not for the List.

Ex : frappe.set_route(“Form”, “eci_policy_test”, “new-eci_policy_test”)

For example I have New Virtual Doc “Policy_Test_Virtual” and with this doc i can got to list and add Click to create “+ Add Policy_Test_Virtual”, but how to use routing directly to Form (No List) and Gen Form Naming automatically ??

Tip : in this item we have diff between simple doc “ex. Policy_Test” and virtual doc “ex. Policy_Test_Virtual” new form, when we try use new simple doc URL we have this : “new-Policy_Test-[hash data]” and after every refresh on web page we have new hash data for end of URL ,
but when we try it for virtual page we have an error : “AttributeError: ‘’ object has no attribute ‘_table_fieldnames’”

In another side i try to so research for this problem and see this topic so :

but that topic related to simple doc and not for virtual one…