How to set separate stock in different UOMs?

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I searched many times and not found a solution can solve my problem. I know that ERPNext has multiple UOMs function that means between the UOMs have a relationship, but this is not I need. In my situation, I need to separate the stock quantity in different UOMs for our products. Our industry is jewellery, so we concern the stock of unit and weight. I need the secondary UOM keep the second stock only and no calculation in any case for pricing. For example, necklace is measured in unit (Secondary) normally, but it also be measured in grams for calculate the price (Primary). If we have 5 units and 10 grams on hand, and we can sell 3 units and 6.5 grams; the balance will be 2 units and 3.5 grams.

Can anyone help please?

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You can try creating a custom field in Item master for alternate UOM for secondary purpose. Perhaps you can then write a custom script to have the UOM conversion for item and value to be Updated accordingly in Stocks as well.

Hi @qholi @ArundhatiS , we have the same situation here.

Could you mention how you managed to solve it?

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In such scenario, you can make 2 different items with different uom since there’s no correlation between grams and unit. You can then do repacking as per your need.

Does it solve your problem?

Hi, thanks for response.

In the dairy industry, for example, inventory entries would be as follows

Stock Entry
Cheese. 1kg / 2 Last
Cheese 1Kg / 2.3 Last
Cheese 1 Kg / 1.8 Last

As you will see, the Last vary when it is produced with the same amount of kilos.

So in the largest inventory they need to know how many kilos and how many Last they have.
Cheese 3 Kg / 4.4 Formers

The problem is that there is no single relationship to use the UOM.

This example can be used for food industries, such as metallurgical, etc. that carry this type of stock.


Any new ideas???