How to set the target in Multi Select Dialog

Hello, I’m trying to create a Multi Select Dialog. I’m in the DocType Transportation Trip this model has a Child Table packages which itself fetches packages form a DocType named Package.

I want to create a Multi Select Dialog, that lists the packages I want to add to the Child Table Packages. Here’s the code:

// MultiSelectDialog with custom query method
let query_args = {
    //Backend method that get's called and returns the packages elegible
    filters: { docstatus: ["!=", 2]}

function quickPackageEntry() {
    new frappe.ui.form.MultiSelectDialog({
        doctype: "Package",
        // Here's my problem
        target: cur_frm,
        setters: {
            "state": "planned",
            "driver": "planned"
        date_field: "received_date",
        get_query() {
            return query_args;
        action(selections) {

My problem is that when the MultiSelect dialog appears, the setters come from the current form/DocType, So stat and driver, show the option from the state and driver of the current form and not of the DocType Package which is what I specify.

My problem is how do I instead of passing cur_frm, get the frm object for the DocType Package?