How to set up Notification?


No one seemed to have asked this question in the forum, and the official doc doesn’t mention anything about it.

Here it is:

Insider Notification Setting, under Recipients section, there are Send To All Assignees and Receiver By Document Field.

What are they for, and how to use them?

I want to read a Document Field value (which contains an email input by Users) and send this notification to this field. Currently, under Receiver By Document Field there is only 1 choice “owner”.

Do I have to write Custom Script to achieve this?

Receiver By Document Field pick up all the fields in the doctype which are of type Email.


In Sales Invoice, there is a contact email field which looks like this:

The email will show up under Address and Contact section of the Sales Invoice.

When you’re setting up the notification for the Sales Invoice, this is the same option you’ll see under Receiver By Document:



it is not showing for newly created document, though it has email filed, only owner showing in drop down.