How to set width and height of a field

Hi There,
I am trying to set the width and height of a field and unable to do so.
I am attaching an image to clear up what i want to achieve.
Please look through it.

The fields are preety huge for a form.
So how can i set it to normal.

are you using Data, Date and Select for field type?

Looks like you are not using correct Data Type. It should be something like this:

Name - Data
Gender - Select
Date of Birth - Date

Every label is set to fieldtype: “Text” except date of birth which io realised i have set it to text so changed it to date.
But stil other fields appear in similar way i.e. huge
What can I try?

@Ujjawal change fields type according to @KanchanChauhan hint …

Is there any other Possibility to set it.
So that even the field type remains text and my field width remains like “data field”

Hi There,
Also how can i set restrictions in field?
For example if i create a field named cell number so anyone entering details, cannot enter text except numbers!
Any thing like such can b done?

@Ujjawal to enter date as text u could use Data Type …not a correct way but …

for other question u can have a look at developer docs:

Thank You for your help