How to set workflow for sales order processing

I need to set some workflow for sales order processing like setting quotation and setting setting 3 days as default number of days for the approval.After approval I need to produce invoice.How can I do this?

Please help me.

You can customize “Workflow” & “Workflow State” like Draft, Approved, Cancelled since ERPNext 5 has several improvements.

Referring 3 days, do you mean - setting up any reminder to get approval? If yes, its there.


@sunilsrikumar- How does one set up a reminder to get approval?

Setup >> Email >> Email alert

You may set multiple custom alert based on your requirement.

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Actually after issuing quotation I want to check for the availability of the goods and want to remove the added items from the available quantity. How can I do this?
And after that this is my process flow
If the quotation is accepted, the sales order is sent to the accounts department to approve the sale, depending on whether the customer owes us anything from the previous transaction.
Once approved, the warehouse receives the sales order and prepares the shipment for transport. A pick list is required from the system.
The invoice is prepared and sent to the customer.

Please help…