How to setup a cheque run

I have read what I can in the manual and don’t see anything on how to setup a cheque run. I do weekly cheque runs of about 50 suppliers with a mix of currency of USD and CDN

Thank you and I appreciate any info I can get.

Unfortunately, ERPNext does not have this concept. There are no bank checks, list of check numbers, or built-in process of performing a cheque run.

The best you can do is something like this:

  • Over time, you create and submit Purchase Order Invoices for your suppliers.
  • When it’s time to pay them, you Create and Submit Payment Entries
    • You could make a rule that Payment Entry ID = Check Number, and control that with Naming Series.
    • Alternatively, you could manually type the cheque number in the Reference field on the payment entry.
  • For each Payment Entry (one at a time) run a report using a custom print format. The print format is your cheque layout, in this situation.

Edit: For suppliers where you don’t want a Purchase Order/Invoice, you’d have to create a separate process around Journal Entries.

For folks in North America that are used to Cheque Runs in other ERP systems, this can feel extremely awkward. I know a few businesses with ERPNext that have opted for developing custom code instead.


Thanks, not what I would have liked to here, but will find a way around it in the future. For now will go with your suggestions.

Thanks for responding so quickly I very much appreciate that.