How to setup a default Supplier in Item master in v14

How do I set a default supplier at item level and get the same populated automatically or atleast only show the relevant suppliers at the PO , RFQ level.
I am using V14.
Thanks in advance.

Into the Accounting Tab Edit the company line, you’ll find default supplier


Thank you for reply and help.
Though the default supplier is saved in accounting Tab of Item, still it is not showing the relevant suppliers name or populating automatically at the PO , RFQ level. Please help.
Thanks in advance

Have you checked the price list for the item ?

As soon as you select the Standard Buying , the supplier option is available as well

That’s to differents things.
One one side (Item => default supplier) you set the default supplier for a company (use when on a new Purchase Order you “Get Item from Material Request”).

And the other hand, on price list you can define a special buying price for the item on different supplier, or a default buying price

Thank you so much for your help. have a nice day