How to setup a working Uom conversion in a multi level BOM?


Here is the hierarchy of multilevel BOMs that I am using to manufacture one product/item Bearing Outer Ring:

Bearing Outer Ring (Product/Item) packed in bags where each bag weights 80 Kg. But order always comes in Pieces.

→ BOR Heat Treatment Uom: Pieces

→ BOR Milling & Grinding Uom: Pieces

→ BOR Forging Uom: Pieces

→ BOR Cutting Uom: convert Kg to Pieces (10 pieces in one Kg)

→ Round Bar Uom: Kg

How to setup Final BOM that is Bearing Outer Ring to handle this conversion of UoM.

Also how can I show Weight and Pieces count in Work Orders and Job Cards?


Yogi Yang