How to setup automatic backup v12

Hi Everyone,

I would like to request you to please help me that how to set automatic backup.
I have installed ERPNext through docker installation.

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The S3 backup has scheduling options if that could be an option.

Have you seen @bkm 's amazing: [Tutorial] Step by Step guide to build the Poor Man’s Backup System

Thanks for the nice words @MartinHBramwell

Here is a link to the better version of the Poor Man’s Backup. It includes the public and private files stored in the site directory tree.

As always… Your Mileage may vary :sunglasses:



Did you check GitHub - frappe/frappe_docker: Docker images for production and development setups of the Frappe framework and ERPNext

I’ve not used docker based cron jobs.

I use kubernetes based setup, for backups I’m using

If the database and files are small enough to be archived and transferred, daily cron is okay.

If files are huge to transfer, e.g. 10gb + data added daily. I’d prefer volume snapshots and archive these snapshots. For kubernetes there is project

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Hi Sir,
I have tried several times but, i could not complete the auto backup of erpnext v12.
Could you explain in details please.