How to setup demo instance?

I tried to install demo data using bench --site sitename mak-demo but an error was thrown -

frappe.exceptions.NameError: Year start date or end date is overlapping with 2018-2019. To avoid please set company

@Savad_Ibrahim try to reinstall before install demo

bench --site sitename reinstall
bench --site sitename mak-demo

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For people trying to set up a demo site from this thread, make sure you spell the command correctly:

bench --site YOURSITENAME make-demo
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Can someone tell me why this answer ( by @mslake ) is marked as Solution?

Because the error faced by the OP is not because of typo error in command.

I am getting same error for the command:
bench --site site1.local make-demo

Thanks @Mohammed_Redha
This is working for me.
Though I got some Error in the end of Installation of make-demo.
But I am able to access Demo site in Browser.