How to setup frappe in ubuntu 17.04

How can I install frappe in ubuntu 17.10 I tried to install frappe but I got this error “Sorry, the installer doesn’t support ubuntu 17. Aborting installation!, Install on ubuntu 16 instead”

Hi @rogertubog17fu . See this link here.

Hi, the easy install script does not currently support Ubuntu 17.04

You can try manual install. Here’s a good guide by a member of the community:

Hopefully, it will work for 17.04 too.

Agreed, you’ll probably need to perform a manual install. Let us know if you run into issues. I recently learned to perform manual installs on Ubuntu 14.xx and 16.xx. I’m a Linux and ERPNext novice, so it took me a while. But it wasn’t too challenging. The steps for installing on 17.04 should be similar.

One key to success is making sure the prerequisite software is working correctly. Make sure MariaDB is operating properly first. Then verify Nginx, Redis, Python development, etc. Getting those key applications working was half of the job. Once you begin the actual ERPNext installation, it may halt and ask you to install additional software that it requires. That will vary depending on specific Linux distribution.

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