How to setup Leave Application Workflow for given scenario?


Please guide me how to create workflow for below mentioned scenario:

Workflow Levels:

  1. Reliever: In my organization, for applying leave, employee needs to get approval from his/her reliever first.
  2. Head of Department: After approval from reliever, leave goes to head of department for approval.
  3. Leave In-charge: After approval from Head of Department, leave goes finally to leave in-charge. He is the final authority to approve it.
  4. Inform HOD and Department Clerk: After final approval and submission of leave application, a notification and email must be sent to department head and clerk to inform them.

Points to note:

  1. Reliever will be selected by leave applicant. For that, I think we can use custom field in leave application form.
  2. Head of Department will be dynamic. Depends upon the department of applicant.
    2.a) If there is no head of department, skip this level.
    2.b) If applicant himself/herself is head of department, then also skip this level.
  3. Reliever and applicant can’t take overlapping leaves (means their leave dates should not overlap).

Kindly suggest, how this can be implemented in ERPNext.

Thanks in advance!

@Harinder_Singh u can try the worklow as attached in screenshot.

Thanks for your reply.

But we cannot make reliever and head of department as role for “Only Allow Edit for” field of workflow form.

Reliever will be selected by applicant and he/she is the one of the employee (other than applicant).

And head of department depends upon the department of applicant.

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