How to setup Notifications to show on clicking top left bell icon?

I need to show Notification to Stock Keeper when Material Request is made.Can it show in Notification in-app?

Please note that im not referring to Email Notification which is adequately mentioned in documentation

I am also looking for the same.
Can anybody please help us?

Instead of creating an Email Notification, you can select the channel as System Notification.

And in the receiver’s section, select the role of the receiver.

Hope this helps.

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Hello Michelle

What will system notification do ?


It will notify the user via the “Bell Icon” as shown below:

This is available in v13


thanks for th info… but i am not able to get the bell notifications… i want to have notication whnevr a lad is added …

its dosnt work… any help…

i tried same way but not getting notification

i need to show the system notification in version-12