How to setup Restricted IP Address

In System settings > Two Factor Authentication, there is “Bypass Two Factor Auth for users who login from restricted IP Address”.

But I can’t find where to setup Restricted IP Address. Any suggestions?

Hi @sinnguyen,

that setting is in User.
Please check it.

Thank You!

I have an idea to allow all employees by pass OTP when they are in office. With this settings, I have to setup for each user. Is there other way to set default restricted IP for system?

In the default system, does have not any features like this but only has user-wise restricted IP.

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Hi there! The location of the setting to configure restricted IP addresses may vary depending on the specific software or platform you are using. It’s best to check the documentation or support resources of that platform for more information on how to set up restricted IP addresses. If you’re still having trouble, please provide more information. I would be happy to help further. However, I’m not a specialist. When I had problems with my IP, I’ve always found related answers on But I would do my best to be useful.