How to setup single account for customer sales person and employee

I need to setup e setup one single account for a sale team that will be use to manage him as a sale person,customer and employee?

Is there anyone using such setup?

Didn’t get you.

client need single account for customer, sales person and employee?
Employee is same time can be customer or sales person in some cases.

It is possible,
I created user John, then created employee and linked it with user John. Hence 1st step over. John Employee created.

  1. Create New Sales Person and connected him with Employee John

  2. Created Individual Customer John and in Primary Contact connected it with user ID John.

Is that you are looking for?

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How this will link to sales person commission and customer account?

Important thing sales partner is different than sales person.

Sales partner is external person and deals on commission basis.

Sales person is internal sales employee and we gauge his performance through contribution in roping the customer.

As per my understanding, you need to treat the same person in different role.

The person logically cannot claim commission for he himself being the customer so sales person commission or contribution as sales person would be 0%.

If you want to link sales partner with customer, go to commission section and add as sales partner.

If you want to link sales person with customer, go to sales team section and add as sales person.

If you are facing a particular issue/ use case to be handled you can elaborate, else I feel with the above solution it is manageable.

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I understand your answer/ suggestion.

But issue is, client need solution and one single account for a person. (here person is sales person + employee + customer)