How to setup specific Supplier in Notifications?


I really don’t know if, in all the system, there a app sending emails automaticaly.

I’m trying to config Notifications, and I really need to know how to setup the supplier email.

So, in the Recipients, where to input the specific e-mail of the suppliers called to this RFQ?


Select the appropriate doctype, and Change the Email by document field to field with the supplier. Try it by using it on a dummy supplier

So, for image

And in this case, only appears to me those 2 options: image

Owner is who is creating the purchase order, and customer_contact_email seams to be to Sales Order, and not to Purchase Order.

Just do be sure, I tried one Purchase order using this:

The supplier is set on Supplier page, image and I believe it have to be supplier_contact_email…


Is that a bug?

I’m having the same issue in V11

Seams to be in place, but… still can’t make it work

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If you set the Option Email the field will show up:

Please mark as resolved if the case. Thank you.