How to setup subscription?

I use version 12 and I need to setup monthly subscription. I have read the docs, yet I have some questions:

  1. What is the first date I must fill in? I dont think there is Subscription Start Date when creating new doc.

  2. What is the difference between Days Until Due and Grace Period?
    What is the impact of each on the payment, continuation of service, and subsequent invoices?

  3. How does the Current Invoice Start/End Date work?
    What are their relations to the duration of Subscription Plan?

  4. How is the relations between Current Invoice dates and Trial Period dates?

  5. If I want to generate invoice H-7 (from start of subscription), how do I do that? So if I allow the invoice to be paid within 7 days, by the day the invoice due, the service can be cut off (not overlapping with the next period).

  6. The version-12 of the docs mentions Generate Invoice Early and Generate Invoice Days Early option. But I don’t see them in v12. Are they hidden somewhere?

  7. The checkbox Generate Invoice at Beginning of Period will create a deffered revenue, right?

  8. In order to stop usage if last invoice is not paid, do I need to check the Cancel at End of Period?

I hope anyone can explain these to me. And thank you in advance.

Let’s you check this Subscription

Thank you @Hor_Kimhab for the link.
I had read the docs as I mentioned but in the docs there are only explaining what things are. Not the workflow. Hence my questions.

And some in the docs seems only for v13, even if they are in v12 page.

Is there a workaround in V14? I need to do invoices say 5 days before the subscription start/end