How to setup supplier for specific company


How to setup a supplier just for specific company. For example Supplier A is for Company A only and Company B can’t see the Supplier A.


Insert a Custom Link field of Company in the Supplier master. Apply a user permission on Supplier based on company.

how to do that?

Go to User Permission and set the following:

Where will be your supplier username.

my understanding, he wants each company will see its own list of suppliers, since supplier is shared by default between all created companies rights?



but not for supplier’s username, instead it will be for any system user, if user permission added for company A for user 1 , the same will see all suppliers linked with company A.

@nmami yes, correct. I misread it as Supplier should not be able to see company B.
@adals, if this restriction is only on the Supplier master, in the Advanced Control section, set the following:

Thanks Solved