How to share/send/find the link to just ONE SPECIFIC Job Opening instead of all Job Openings listed on the /jobs page?

We have many job openings, and the /jobs page lists all of them, details and all (messy).
On recruting websites like LInkedin and Acadium, we would like to be able to send possible candidates a link to just the ONE SPECIFIC JOB OPENING we want them to see the full description via the web, not the whole page of jobs.
How do we determine the web link to a specific Job Opening so we can send them the individual link?
Thank you.

this will take you to related job application form directly.

you can add a web page from desk with jd/js and above link then share the custom added webpage with details and button to “apply now” that takes to form.

So there isn’t a detailed page already created when the Job Opening is created when we created the detailed Job Opening? We will have to create a custom web page for each Job Opening, linked to the job application?

I didn’t find any page for individual job opening

That is a suggested workaround.

Create issue, discuss, follow it up.

Or if you’re a developer checkout how existing pages for other doctype work and send a PR.

I have followed your recommendation to post an issue in the hopes that some guidance for possible solutions can be proposed or worked on collaboratively. I don’t know I have the resources to write anything from scratch, but if some existing code can just be hacked to make it work, then I will gladly take a stab at it, if I can just get some guidance. The generators and other documentation have not been helpful trying to figure this out unfortunately.

If anyone else has any suggestions on how to make this work, it would be very much appreciated.
Thank you.

Here is the issue I filed: How to share/send/find the link to just ONE SPECIFIC Job Opening instead of all Job Openings listed on the /jobs page? · Issue #31902 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Is there any way to concatenate the url to assemble the fields onto the page with the application more dynamically?

For example, if the URL you gave includes the Job Title and Job Reference route with the Application:

Is there an option for something like:
Role-Playing Game Research - Job Application or some such similar syntax to include the description with the application page dynamically that way?