How to Show Customers locations on a Card/ Maps

Hi Guys, i am trying to make it possible, to see customers locations on a Map, to see, which ones i can reach next. I dont know exactly how i can get in touch with that,
Hopefully some of you Guys can help me.

Kind regards


You need to add 3 fields on doctype: geolocalization (geo type) and latitude/longitude fields (data).

After that map view will be avaliable for doctype.

Hope this helps.

Gonna give it a try, thank you verry much.

Its not exactly how i am trying to do it.
Is it possible to export all Customers Adress live to another Programm which showcases every Customers location on a map?

Could you send me a Screenshot how you did it?
Didnt quiet work for me and i am new with the programm.

Thanks for your Time


In your doctype insert the fields:

You will see this on the form:

After this, Map view is avaliable:

Hope this helps.