How to show/enable discount for individual line items in Sales Order/Quotation/Sales Invoice


Could someone please point out how to show/enable discount for the individual line item in Sales Order, Quotation and Sales Invoice so that the user can apply different discount percent to each line items. Currently I have only Item. Qty, Rate and Amount showing but no place for Discount in the Currency and Price List Section.

I am using virtual box image for production.

ERPNext: v7.0.58
Frappe Framework: v7.0.44


Please go through these documentations:

Hi @KanchanChauhan

Thank you for replying. I am able to add the discount and it calculates correct too. how ever I still do not see the discount field in the table. This is what I see now

But I would like to see the discount field after Rate field so that I can manually type the discount here itself and show the discounted the rate.

Similar to this:

I would like to see the discount similar to this layout in the form.

You cannot have that many columns in grid view. Set the column value of the fields from Customize Form.


Are you suggesting to create a new custom form Or customise “Sales Order” form? And for some reason I can not see the “Sales Order Item” form in the search as referenced in the “Sales Order” form in the Items Table. Is it something to do with the user permission? I am logged in a Admin with all possible permission I could identify.

I have a same query. if you have got the solution. kindly share

@paryushan unfortunately I do not have a solution At this stage. We ended up going to the detail view of the line (by clicking down arrow on far right of a line) and update discount there. I know it’s rather inconvenient if you have to add different discount on every line. If you willing to spend some money I am sure someone would customise the form for you. Sorry couldn’t help.

I got success. @Sarabjeet has found solution for this.

I have enclosed the snapshot for your reference

Can we done by following steps:-

  1. Goto Setup>DocType>Quotation Item
  2. Edit Row # Price List Rate & Discount (%) on Price List Rate with Margin
    (Tick on - “In List View”)
  3. Now make Quotation> Enter Print Command>Click on Customize Button (next to Print Button). As enclosed in photo.
  4. Here you can edit / make new quotation template.
  5. In Item Column > Click Select Coumn.
  6. Select (check) different column available.
  7. Check on Price List Rate + Discount (%) on price List + Amount.
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  1. You can make this standard as default or can choose this format as enclosed in photo.
    45 PM

I hope you can do it now.


Thank you