How To show fields in custom doctype like customize form


Actually i want to show fields like customize form in my custom doctype but i don’t how to do. as you can see in attached image.

Please elaborate on what exactly you wish to know, from what I understand you wan the customize form UI for custom doctypes, this however is not possible becuase the customize form was built for standard doctypes and has various functionalities, guards and controllers for standard doctypes only.

Hi @scmmishra

Thanks for your response actually i don’t want exactly like that i want to display my fields like that only .

What is requirement fields should be display in table format. I given as example in image there you can see how displaying fieldname,fieldtype,label,and options same i want in my custom doctype


You can add a child table for any kind of data you wish to fill in a table format. You’ll have to create a new custom doctype mark it as child table and use it in your existing doctype.

Refer this guide for help: Not Found

Hope this answers your query

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