How to show frappe.confirm() before submitting the document?

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I have a custom Doctype where there is a status field. If that status is “Rejected” it should show a confirmation message saying “are you sure you want reject this policy?”. If Yes is clicked than only this document should submit. How to achieve this?

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This is what controller hooks are intended to do:


If you don’t have your doctype in an app, you can also achieve this with Server Scripts.

Edit: see below

I tried before_submit already but the document is getting submitted anyway with or without clicking Confirm button.

Sorry, I forgot that frappe.confirm is a client-side method. Because these are async methods, you need to treat the prompt as a promise that you await:

frappe.ui.form.on('Test Doctype', {
    before_submit: async (frm) => {
        let prompt = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
                'Are you sure?',
                () => resolve(),
                () => reject()
        await prompt.then(
            () => frappe.show_alert("Submitted", 3), 
            () => {
                frappe.validated = false;
                frappe.show_alert("Not submitted", 3)

Thanks. It worked.

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