How to show just a few Customer for all my sales user

Hi everyone,

I have five sales user under my control, I put on “role permission manager” -->doc type customer the flag “only if creator” for sales user, so I expected they Will see just the customer they created. That’s works but I have a few customer (created before) that I want to show to every my sales user even if they didn’t creat.
How could I do that??

On the listing page, use the “Filter” options to add filters to the listing. It is very powerful.

Report back if this does not work for you.

Hi, thanks to answer me

Could you show me with a screen this listing page?

thanks a lot

OK, I will, but I first, do not take this negatively,but it appears you have not taken the time to learn the system. You should start with the manual.

Have a look at the attached images

Thanks Craften!

But doesn’t work this way! I think the reason is not my time to learn the system! Maybe I didn’t explain well my problem! I have a list of customers and my sales user Just can see the customers they had done!
My question was how could I made a few customer viewable to all my sales user?

thank for your patience