How to Show Plotly Graph on ERPNext Report or Should I make a Page for this?

I am trying to make a report on price chart similar to price for stocks with SMA, EMA line and hopefully candle sticks but the problem I am facing is that I am unable to find a way to show the graphs which are made on plotly the trace is showing correctly on the test server but it opens in the default browser.

I am looking for a way to figure out how to show this graph on the report itself.
The full code for the report is here.

Any help on this the report shows the graph like this and its fully dynamic unline the frappe-charts and the report also takes only 2 secs to load with the loads of data.

Is it possible to show this trace inside the report. The data is loading properly but I am unable to show the graphs on the report page.

Any one here who can guide me as to how could I show these graphs inside a Report of ERPNext.
Basically I need to show these graphs inside a iframe I guess.