How to show stock balance in different UOM value


Is there customization report to show stock balance in different UOM value in erpnext v12?.

We have multiple UOM per item, we set UOM convertion factor to customize our convertion value of unit, let say our ITEM1 with UOM Gallon and Grams and ITEM2 with UOM Liter and Grams. We sell in Gallon and Grams, When the buyer order ITEM2 in grams let say 800 Grams. What happen in Stock Balance Report the ITEM2 qty show in Liter and it show something .2 qty. What we need to achieve is in Grams with the value of 200 Grams.


I think you touched upon the reason why the Stock Balance report reports by default on the Stock UOM. Since each item can have multiple UOMs, you can indicate on the Item Master which of the Secondary UOMs Priority #1 and then build a custom stock balance report that will report the quantities in the Priority #1 Secondary UOM.

Hope this helps.