How to Show User Management Report like this

How to show User Management Report in ERPNext. Like This

This is not a report, this is the user profile page. Go to users section, you’ll see user profile, click on it.

but I did not show this for this type of user profile page. How to show my user profile for this type please suggest me.

Click on Settings from the top right corner of the menu. It will show a list of options. One of the options will be My Profile. Click on it. You will get the desired page.

Problem Resolve thanks

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As user, we can show their own review, energy points etc. But as admin, how can I see user’s points like energy, review points, rank and monthly rank.
Also, as admin, how can we show the all user’s points and rank in one report?

Search for Leaderboard in Awesome Bar. It shows a list of all users ranked by their points.

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Problem Resolve thanks for your support.:+1::+1:

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Look at your previous screenshot, at the top right is the button : “Change User”. Select your user from this.

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