How to show zero tax value in gstr1

Zero tax items are not reflected in the GSTR1 report

See the Sales invoice: Tax breakup


Tax with zero % is Updated there

But the GSTR1 report only shows the taxable value of other tax heads

Here we need to list what is the invoice value for the zero-tax items


The item you mentioned is nil-rate/exempted item so it will be shown in * Table 8: Outward supplies that are nil rated, exempted and non-GST in nature.

Here only taxable or zero-rated Item will be shown.

Hope this helps.

Lakahit Jain

Thanks. But the item is already treated as a zero-rated item. Please check the screenshot

and we never ticked ‘is nil rated or exempted’



Sorry for the misunderstanding.
I gave my explanation as per latest version.
We have improved the workflow around Nil-Exempt./Zero Rated
Check field has been deprecated now we are using Item Tax Template.

Kindly upgrade the India Compliance to latest version.

For More information: Migration Guide | India Compliance


I have updated the India Compliance App.

I made a dummy sales having 3 item having taxes, 5%,18% and 0%. Please find the tax break up for your reference

Still, In GSTR 1 report, We cant see the 0% tax items.


In Section 4A, 4B, 4C, 6B, 6C – B2B Invoices, only Zero-Rated Supplies are shown.

As per sec 16(1) of IGST Act any supplies made by a registered dealer as an export (Both goods or services) or
supply to an SEZ qualifies for Zero Rated Supplies in GST. The supply to a developer of an SEZ is also covered
under Zero-Rated Supplies in GST as no tax is levied on these supplies as well.

All Nil-rated supplies are shown in Table 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D - Nil Rated Supplies.

So in your case this is normal taxable invoice so, it will be shown in nil-rated table as cumulative value.

In my company, we make multiple tax valued items in same invoice including 0% tax item. I have used about 3 ERP software for my firm. In all the ERP, when we generate the GSTR-1 report we get the value of 0%tax item in the same invoice. Why in India compliance app is not getting the report like that?

This is a sample of my old GSTR-1 report. The raw marked in green is the 0% item included in the invoice.

@Hrishikesh96 ,

In the B2B Section, only taxable and zero-rated supplies (Supplies that are made to SEZ ) are shown.
In the above case, the Item is Nil-Rated so it should be shown in the Nil-Exempt section.

If a Nil-Rated item is in the B2B section it will be considered as Zero-Rated.

Since the goods are NIL-rated and no ITC is available, it may be disclosed in Table 8 only. If it is disclosed in both Table 4 and 8, in Annual return the same amounts appear in Table 4B as well as in Table 5E, which amounts to double the value of supplies

If you have any legal document contradicting the same we can discuss more.