How to simplify Production Order completion


I have a production order with an expected delivery date.

Since the manufacturing of each of our products takes just 1-2 hours and is done in one go, in 99.9% of the times I really don’t need the 2-step material movement… first move to “in progress” and then move to “finished goods”.

This becomes repetitive and annoying since most times we just update the system some days after we manufacture so we have to update the dates on both material movements.

Is there any way to simplify this process?
Could I somehow finish the Production Order in one step?
If so, how?

I’m using the cloud version.


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You can create a stock entry with the purpose REPACK and this will enable you to do your process in one go.


Ah! I had no idea this existed!
I’ll give it a try!

Doing this means I will no longer be creating Production Orders and so I won’t be able to use the Production Planning Tool, right?

And is there any way to link these stock entries with my Sales Orders?

I guess this means that this way I’ll be producing for stock and not to fulfill Sales Orders.

It is indeed a solution. I have to ponder its consequences.

Thank you very much!

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I just tried it… it seems that:

  • it doesn’t take into consideration the BOM operation cost. My material cost is 4.94€ and my operation cost is 16.38€… but in this stock entry the Total Outgoing Value is still 4.94€… The only solution for this would be to update all my BOMs to stop using operations and include a non stock item called “labor” or something similar. I wonder if this would work.

  • there is no way to link this stock entry to the Sales Order (this we can live without)

I’ll do some more experiments later today.

Thanks again!

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