How to skip operations in production?

I was trying to build a product with 100’s of sub-assembly items, and 4-5 operations. These operations will help to get item merged and will create a final product. But, this is not necessary that all the operations has to be performed.
Sometimes, we have to skip operations, like: Material transferred to Cutting, you can see in below picture. All the green ticks stats that, the product has to process through Cutting, while some product is processing through Bending, while all items are processing through Fabrication.


So, how to maintain such situations with ERPNext.

Maybe you can maintain 3 different combinations of BOM with Operations in such cases and choose accordingly during Production.

Other option is to add an option to the Operations table (to skip certain operations) and send a Pull Request.

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Thanks @Pawan for helping me always. Always learning from you.

In manufacturing, sometimes different scenario like:

1 Sheet(raw material) is cutting into 25 pieces (still raw product but 25 different product will work as sub-assembly items). So to achieve this, I have to create 25 different BOMs to produce 25 pieces. Still Okay.

As I said, 25 different products which are going to use as sub-assembly items. Will proceed to different operations like Bending, Fabrication etc. You may also assume, Cutting is also an Operation performed over a sheet. These 25 products gradually become 15 and 10 and 5 to produce a final finished product.

Through this, Nested BOM or Multilevel BOM will help only if these 25 Subassembly Items is going to produce another item and have to create another Items BOM and so on.

But sometimes, as I attached a screenshot in question, Bending Operation is not going performing on some sub-assembly items from 25 and hence they have to skip that operation and move to Fabrication Workstation.

How I’ll assure Items in in which workstation and how much it has produced? Material Transfer for manufacturing will help here? I think, this is very generic issue faced by every manufacturing process, since ERPNext is using by many leaders around industries. How they manage this? Please enlighten here and someone will definetly get benefit from this thread.