How to solve the issue: POS customer item price changing issue

I apply varying prices to distinct customers. Here’s the process:

  1. Initially, I choose a customer. For this customer, the price is set at 30 Rs, and the item name is ‘Curd 500ml.’
  2. Next, I unselect the previously chosen customer and instead choose a standard selling rate customer, whose price is 25 Rs.

However, even after selecting the second customer, the displayed price reflects the earlier selected customer’s price. To resolve this issue, I need to implement a solution that updates the displayed price based on the currently selected customer.

In addition, I want to implement a mechanism to restrict the customer selection option. This can be achieved by possibly disabling the selection button or implementing logic to prevent further customer selections.

Furthermore, I’m interested in having a functioning deselection button. It should only be active if the customer’s item has been removed from the selection, ensuring a smooth process.

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