How to specify filter for child items in list view?

I want to open Sales Order list and specify filter via

frappe.set_route('List', 'Sales Order', 'List', {'items': {'item_code':my_specific_item_code}})

But it does not work this way - no filters applied to list. How could I specify a filter for child table items in frappe.set_route function?

I have found the solution if someone also has a similar issue. The logic by which frappe.set_route object argument is transformed into filters described in frappe/public/js/frappe/list/list_view.js in function ListView::parse_filters_from_route_options . For my particular case, it should be written this way:

frappe.set_route('List', 'Sales Order', 'List', {'<Child Table Doctype(Sales Order Item)>.item_code':my_specific_item_code});
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tested, it works. thanks for sharing.