How to specify user to finish production order

my company is new erpnext developer. and i wan’t to

  1. user1 can create production order , Timesheet, Stock Entry but can’t finish job
  2. user2 can finish production order. (after QC finish goods)

how to specify user to finish production order.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding what I could try to resolve this?

generally u need to setup permissions accordingly.

As I have heard the way permission are being set up changes quite significantly in the new v11.
Next thing I have heard, that this v11 (which still is in beta state as of today) should be released soon (whatever that exactly means :-), end of December was something that was mentioned somewhere, but I couldn’t say whether that is correct).

So, if you are planning to upgrade to v11 once its being released (what many or even most people would do) it may be worth your while to wait until your instance has been migrated and likewise you do not have to understand how permissions work twice.

Then Manual Article for this would be this one. I’d assume it’s valid for the current master branch (v10).

thank’ for information vrms.