How to splitting quantity midway in Production Process?

In a manufacturing company they have a manufacturing process which has 11 stages/processes.

At stage 4th and 10th they want to split the quantity.

I tried but could not find any way to split quantity in midway.

Splitting quantity is not the only thing. After splitting they will use one of the quantity for manufacturing another product (BOM).

How can we split quantity midway in production and then use one of the quantity in another production process?

Let me try and explain in details:
For example PP was started for manufacturing 1000 pieces. At stage 4 this is spitted into three parts - 400, 300, 300.

From here the first part that is 400 will continue forward while the other two parts will be kept on hold at that stage.

Then another PP is created for another product. Now they want to use the quantity at stage 4 (in this case it is 300) and continue production process from stage 4th. This means there want to skip stages 1,2,3.

I hope I have managed to explain as to what I want here. If it is not clear please do ask.

I am not much of an expert but probably can only do this if you dis associate PP from SO.

Create PP and then move along and complete the manufacturing process as usual and then at time of delivery make delivery as per SO.

Hope this works for you.

Ideally, you would create a separate BOM to create an Item of only the first 4 stages.

Then subsequent BOM’s to create the finished products using the Item created with the first BOM as a component of the second.

So in your instance, the first BOM would allow you to make all 1000 pieces of the first 4 stages. That becomes a new Item in the database. The Second BOM pulls from stock the new Items to make the finished product with the rest of the stages.

The Items that are generated with the first BOM, can then also be used to make your alternate products that use different final stages simply by making another BOM for the alternate final product that draws finished Items from the first BOM.

For example you have a company that makes LED rope lights. The process is to first make a big roll of rope lights that may be 1000 meters long, but your business is to supply 1 meter and 4 meter lengths of rope lights.

So the first BOM makes the 1000 meter roll of rope lights.
The second BOM draws from the 1000 meter roll to cut 1 meter rope lights
The third BOM also draws from the 1000 meter roll to cut 4 meter rope lights.

Hope this helps.


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