How to sponsor development of a feature or prioritize fixing of an issue

We have always come across issues/bugs with the product that we have wished was fixed instantly.

But sometimes due to lack of time or programming knowledge we are unable to do so.

I have always seen instances where sponsored development is mentioned but then how to get it done is the question. It leaves me to wonder, do I contact Frappe or do i get a freelance developer to do it. Freelance developers are also not always inclined to maintain the code on the official repository.

Also in cases were GST is concerned it makes more sense to contact the company who maintains GST specific code.

Now my first concern is, if sponsored development is concerned, I don’t see any documentation on how to approach the same, which leads me to believe that I will have to contact frappe and initiate a dialog and to finalize a price. But this also leads to a certain other problem of a preconceived notion amongst the users that its going to be expensive, due to which the dialog never happens.

I have a suggestion to make is of crowd funding of feature development or issue resolution.

As a developer I know feature development is complicated in terms of human capital and everyone wants their feature to be developed first. But also what is true is no one want to pay a high cost for developing the feature/issue. (a preconceived notion that the dev fee is going to be high).

One way of solving this is to have crowd funded (multiple contributions?) approach to resolving an issue. General users who do not have the ability to hire skilled developers can always opt for this, even sponsor everything upfront. But what is missing is a tool which enables this and makes it simple.

This is my suggestion and I believe a lot of users will be interested in the same.
Would like to know if anyone else has any similar suggestions

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For prioritizing fixes you can subscribe to official support plans: ERPNext Pricing 2022

For sponsored development, you can create a request but we have giant pile of backlog so it’s unlikely to be taken up. You can reach out to Frappe partners or community developers though!

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Thanks for replying. But my question already acknowledges the suggestion that you have provided. Which I think is already known to all.

I am suggesting another option where in there will be people willing to contribute towards towards product development in monetary term in whatever capacity possible.

This option I feel is needed because there are many users of ERPNext who are grateful in using the product and cannot contribute in terms or writing code. But will be more than willing to contribute in small ways just so that the product as a whole can grow and become better. But how does one do that?

One way in doing that would be to let them contribute towards crowd funding of ERPNext issues or features development. I think this will also be helpful for ERPNext, as crowdfunding becomes indicative to understand which issues need to be priority.

Also small business users who are relying on ERPNext become voiceless when, there is a known issue that he would prefer being fixed, but cannot understand how to hire a software company to get it done. These are real problems on the ground which I have seen first hand.

Even now if you donate anything to frappe team they’ll give you invoice. Or suggest you some way to contribute money. Why will anyone leave money that comes in as donation!?

Even I’ve accepted money from people who just wanted to send a gift to me for something that I contributed already. I pay tax on that and everyone is happy.

Things become unclear when there is a need for a feature in exchange of money. It doesn’t remain voluntary donation.

@revant_one Thanks for replying.
I think I can form a picture of why this may not be a good idea.

Good to know. I was starting to think that the frappe team doesn’t take donations. When I did my first project I wanted to share a part of my earning with the team. But after looking up all known sources I could not find a “Donate” button anywhere. I dint try to contact the team though email as I thought it would be futile. But I know what to do now.

Though I would request the frappe team to consider the option of a Donate Button somewhere. It would have helped me for sure. Also many other folks to contribute, those who cant contribute in code.

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