How to start and manipulate with bench from scratch on linux in VirtualBox?

Good Evening

I’m new in ERPNext, new in programming, you can say new in every thing.
I watched "Session 1: Creating an App " in YouTube. But the problem is I have no macOS To follow the instructions with this video. I tried to find same practical commands but for Linux in my VirtualBox but I could not understand well. Also I made some mistakes forces me to re download ERPNext again cause I got some errors and could not log in to the localhost, I saw “internal error” when I try to log in, or something like that.

any way, I appreciate if you can illuminate me to the right commands to get a good vision to finish the entire playlist.

Thank you

Hi Ali,
The wiki has a pretty good guide for bench stuff. But for something more exhaustive and covering the whole ecosystem, look at Alain’s excellent series on his medium page. Alain is a farmer (like me!) with a diverse business background so he came in understanding the financial systems and wanted to get to programming, but he is (was?) also “new in everything”.
Good luck! We’ll be here when you get stuck.

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Thank you very much tmatteson for the websites and your advise