How to start ERPNext

Hello Community ,
I installed bench and all other packages , but How could I start ERPNEXT ? I use centos 7 , and I don’t know how to start configuring my company’s profile from web browser
thank you all for help !

Open a browser and go to the served URL of your install. It will step you through the wizard. If you set it up in developer mode, you will need to start the bench first.

If you installed production mode, it should start by itself, in which case the default is to open a browser to http://localhost:8000.
If you installed development mode, then you need to open a browser to http://localhost:8080 after you run

cd ~/frappe-bench
bench start

If you changed the ports, then you need to replace the 8000/8080 with the port number you selected in your install

I installed both in a server ( VPS CENTOS 7 ) not in my computer , should I connect via Putty then try localhost:8000 ,

Type the given IP address on your URL and enter, the set up will automatically start. Then just follow through

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PuTTY will only give you terminal access. For ERPNext front-end you need a browser and have to connect to the FQDN or IP address of the VPS machine