How to stop auto populate company address in sales invoice


Our company have different sale center with different GSTIN number & address. When I am creating any sales invoice one primary address is auto populating in company address field. We want to stop this auto populating features so that user doesn’t make any mistake.

Kindly Help How can we proceed.

You can add one more address linked with your company and can make that your default company address.

We need users have to manually select the company address field. because we need to print seller address in our sales invoice.
Our company has 4 different billing center, I have created 4 address for that with different GSTIN. Now the problem is one primary address is auto populated on selection of company and customer, So the users make mistakes(ignore the field as it auto populated).

We want to make company address filed as mandatory.and the company address is populated as based on the selection.


We would like to change the Company Address based on the selection value of our shipping warehouse which is a custom field. The user selects the shipping warehouse location and based on that we want that the Company Address field be automatically updated.

How do we do this?