How to stop ERPNext from changing the item prices according to the daily exchange rate when duplicating quotations?

When I duplicate a quotation (which I often do to create a new quotation for another client or lead) ERPNext just changes the prices of all the items according to that dates exchange rate. This only happens with quotations in foreign currencies, but since we trade in foreign currencies very often, this happens all the time. Then I have to go through every item and adjust the price back to what it was before.

It is absolutely annoying and drives me nuts. It seems to happen after duplication, so there seems to be some JavaScript action going on. How to disable this behaviour easily?

Also this happens since about half a year ago or a year ago I guess. In older versions it didn’t do that.

You can set a currency exchange rate manually so that the system only picks up this one instead of fetching updated rates. Make sure to check Allow State Rates in the Accounts Settings. Refer the docs for more details: