How to stop notification for workflow

We have setup a workflow for project management. As soon as a task is created the mail is been sent to all the employees related to the task created. I would like to stop that activity. Rather i would like to have email notification for other workflow for HR management. Can anyone of you guys let us know how to go about it.

maybe you can look in the email alert list check if you have a Email Alert configured for that particular DocType there,
you can go there writing “Email Alert List” in the awesome bar. or use this relative path after your hostname in the browser address bar “/desk#List/Email%20Alert/List”

Have checked there, But its not available in the list. As it was updated recently. I guess its integrated into the system, that’s the reason we are not able to see. So was asking here can any developers help us out.

So my problem is we are team of 20 employees, if any team lead create tasks it shoots a mail to all 20 employees. That is what the problem is.


Are you referring to workflow action emails?

Currently, there’s no toggle to turn it off (Please raise an issue if needed)

If you are self-hosting & you have the access to the code you can comment out this line in the code to stop receiving the emails.


You can now disable Email alerts for workflows.

Please update.


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Hey @surajshetty ,

I have tried that as well, But its not working. Here is the github issue link. ErpNext Workflow issue.

Kindly look into it.

Thanks a lot.

@vijaypatel Thanks for informing

The Issue was related to caching.

Sent a fix