How to stop printing draft for specific document

I want user only print status submitted not draft

Disabled it in Print settings.

I need it for only one document like delivery note

You can edit the pint format and add an if to prevent it from printing anything (?)

Can you give me example plz @Nahuel_Nso

@clarkej @Nahuel_Nso @fkardame

Dear all
i want to prevent user to print draft delivery not all draft on system

You can use a custom client script, and remove the “Print” from icons and “Print” form menu bar.
This will make it difficult enough for a print if not impossible for printing.

Here is some code for custom script:

function removePrintBtn(frm){
 var print_menu = $(".dropdown-menu > li:contains('Print')");
 if (print_menu.length >0){
 var print_btn = $(".fa-print");
 if(print_btn.length > 0){


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I try it but it doesn’t work