How to stop the Appointment Confirmation Email

Hello, I’m creating an Appointment in the CRM module and it’s mandatory to write the email address in the appointment form. As a result of that, an email is sent to the customer email about confirm the appointment as you see below in the photo. and that’s actually too annoying for our customers.

I know this by default from the ERPNext but as I said it’s too annoying to send these emails to the customer.


Hi @Mohsin1990,

If you have not checked the topic then check it, please.

And also check Appointment Booking Settings
There is an option of Notify Via Email.

Thank You!

@NCP I already checked the documentation and this is option is disabled by default but still, emails are sent to the customers after creating the appointment.

Maybe it will be a by default system sending mail feature.
And also check if you create an appointment Notification or not.


No, it didn’t create. i think it’s by default. but It sends an email to the customer. it doesn’t make sence.

Plus, the email field is mandatory in Appointment doctype. maybe we don’t have the email of this customer.

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You are correct, @Mohsin1990. Whenever you save an Appointment, the email is immediately sent. There is no way of stopping this with any configuration. You would have to edit or patch the code. :frowning:

Screenshot below of the 'after_insert’ controller method, which sends an email (whether you want that or not)