How to stop the local system from sending scheduled emails?


I have just setup a production system on my local system for testing purposes but the problem is that it is sending a barrage of emails especially the TODO alerts which were not sent from my production server due to some issues.

Kindly let me know how to disallow the system to stop sending the emails to the users.

PS: I have disabled the scheduled jobs in SYSTEM SETTINGS and also I have disabled the Outgoing email settings but still I am getting those unsent emails of the TODO.

Also I would like to know how does the system track whether this email has been sent, I basically wanted to know the doctype for this.

There’s a doctype called Bulk Email

You can try to not run the celery workers and run only the http server, ie instead of using bench start, use bench frappe --serve

There is also a command, bench frappe --disable_scheduler but its behaviour is the same as disabling scheduler from system settings.

Also, are you sure that you’ve switched it off for all sites in your bench?

bench frappe --disable_scheduler all should do that.

Thanks Pratik. It would be great if you could add this to the of bench as well. Since ppl would get a good idea especially ppl like me who are not at all well versed with technical details.