How to stop user not using ERPNext if the license is expired?

Hi everyone,

Is there any functionality in local deployment, that if we want consumers to stop using ERPNext for example in case of their license is expired?

Considering that we provided customization, implementation, deployment, and support considering all the official rebranding guidelines and charging them for our services.

We just want if consumer has stopped paying renewal fees, we want consumer to stop using our customization, implementation, and deployment services by downing the ERPNext.

@abubakar disable their accounts .

Not in any effective way, no.

I mean, It’d be relatively simple to throw in a kill switch of some sort. It’d also be relatively simple for your customers to dig into the source code, find your kill switch, and remove it.

@bahaou would you please share how we can do that remotely?

@peterg would you please suggest? What could be best approach to plug a kill switch?

I would suggest not doing it.

ERPNext is licensed under the GPL. That means that any customizations you make are also licensed under the GPL. Your customers have a legal right to the source code you customize for them. If you attempt to take that away from them, you are the one breaking the license agreement.

Thank you so much @peterg for pointing us in the right direction.