How to store the table field values in the doctype

I am using two doctype, One is job applicant (parent doctype) another one is job application (child doctype). Here i am using table in job applicant (parent doctype) and fetch the fields from job application (child doctype) . After the submit the other field values store in the parent doctype. But only the table values didn’t store to the parent doctype. What is the problem?

Note: I am using table with dynamic values add rows…

Thanks in advance…

can your share screenshot ?

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This my web form

This is my doctype job applicant (parent doctype) here the webform data are stored successfully but only the table data didn’t store…why?

Hi @gokul_gk, Can you share the code which you have written for the child table. Does the row is removed on saving the record?

@arokia Bro, I am new in erpnext I don’t write any code. Only i create the doctype and webform to store the values thats it. Other field values stored perfectly. But the only problem is the table values didn’t store. I think the child doctype is a custom type so that is the problem? I don’t know any one help me…