How to submit purchase receipt with rejected quality inspection

V12 with following APP
ERPNext: v12.2.0 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.0.20 (version-12)

when dealing with purchase receipt linked with rejected quality inspection, there is error when set the accepted qty as 0, full qty as rejected.

while if set accepted quantity greater than 0, there is error message

the question is how to proceed such purchase receipt with rejected quality inspection?

many thanks

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I’m seeing a very similar issue on our system. Also seeing many questions regarding this same type of issue.

Recreation of issue:

  • PO with 2 items that require QI on delivery
  • PR generated and QI’s completed
  • Item #1 - QI passed but small qty rejected
  • Item #2 - QI rejected due to incorrect manufacture of all items
  • On the PR , Both item qty’s (accepted and rejected) were noted and the relevant QI’s were attached.
  • When attempting to submit the PR, an error is shown : Row 2: Quality Inspection rejected for Item #2.

This seem like a good thing that the system recognizes that the QI was rejected, what is confusing to me is that even though the entire item#2 qty is also rejected in the PR , it doesn’t allow for submission. It seems logical to me that if the QI fails, the PR would also reject all the incoming items, allowing for placement to the rejected warehouse.

At the moment it appear that the logic of the system is as follows:

  • Attempt to Submit Purchase receipt >
  •     Item/s - Is a Quality Inspection is Required? 
  •       Yes > 
  •           Is QI accepted?
  •               Yes > Allow Submit
  •               No > Disallow Submit
  •       No > Continue

Can it be easily coded to follow the logic below? or is there a reason that this would break something else?

  • Attempt to Submit Purchase receipt >
  •     Item/s - Is a Quality Inspection is Required? 
  •       Yes > 
  •           Is QI accepted?
  •               Yes > Allow Submit > 
  •               No > Check Purchase Receipt Amounts for the Item>
  •                         Accepted "0" / Rejected "All" > Allow Submit
  •                         Anything else > Disallow Submit.
  •       No > Continue

Otherwise , can someone explain what they are doing to account for the actual physical receipt of rejected materials. The item still is in the warehouse and needs to be accounted for. I still need to be able to complete the accounting process.


I mean if you are sampling of inspection, you are either rejecting the entire lot or accepting the entire lot or you decide to look deeper before deciding on either.

The Quality Inspection document and the Purchase Receipt (or Stock Entry) are not hard wired with each other. Instead they are loosely coupled with each other. So you complete the Quality Inspection document and depending on the outcome you have to use the Accepted Quantity and Rejected Quantity fields to manage this.

And then you need some intervention to flush out the rejected quantity from your system.

I’m sure there are better ways of handling this, but that’s what ERPNext does for now. If you prefer, you can add the accepted quantities and rejected quantities into the Quality Inspection document and then you could use some scripting to ensure that the numbers get populated into appropriate fields of the underlying stock transaction document.

Hope this helps.



Not sure if it helps now, but you can optionally allowed rejected quality inspections too feat: Optionally allow rejected quality inspection on submission by marination · Pull Request #26133 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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How do we Handle Quantity that needs to be Reworked
We Order 100 Nos of Electronic Boards from our Vendor
At the time of Inspection after receiving the item…
Out of 100 Nos
80 Nos Accepted
18Nos have to go back to vendor for rework
2 nos rejected
How do we handle the rework quantity
With Regards