How to sum alias column values in Query report

I have a query report called Buying Queue for custom doctype. I have got count of columns and created alias columns Buying Bench, Queue etc in report. I want sum of that values in another column,

supplier_no as “Vendor ID”,
supplier_name as “Vendor”,
supplier_quoted_currency as “Vendor Quoted Currency”,
warehouse as “Demand Location”,
COUNT(IF(status = “Buying Bench”,1,NULL))“Buying Bench”,
COUNT(IF(status = “Queue”,1,NULL))“Queue”,
COUNT(IF(status = “Sales To Review”,1,NULL))“Sales To Review”,
COUNT(IF(status = “Waiting For More Items”,1,NULL))“Waiting For More Items”,
COUNT(IF(status = “PO Awaiting Approval”,1,NULL))“PO Awaiting Approval”,
COUNT(IF(status = “Sales Review Complete”,1,NULL))“Sales Review Complete”
tabBuying Queue
GROUP BY supplier_name,supplier_quoted_currency

Its showing below report,

Kindly help to sum these alias named columns.

Thanks in advance!